What if a heat pump is too big or too small

What if a Heat Pump Is Too Big or Too Small?

If you are about to install a heat pump in your home, one of the things you need to decide is the size of the system. While choosing the right brand and model, as well as the type of heat pump is important, choosing the size is the most important factor to consider. The reason is that if you choose a size that is too small for your home, you will not be able to efficiently heat and cool all the rooms in your house. 

In this guide, we will go over some of the important considerations you need to take in when choosing the size of your heat pump, and what may happen if it is too small or too big.

Why you should choose the right heat pump size

Choosing the right heat pump size is crucial to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible and is able to heat and cool every room of your house. It will also ensure that you can run your heat pump system, without pushing it too hard, and allows you to also save money on electricity.

What happens if the heat pump is undersized?

If a heat pump is undersized you will not be able to heat and cool all the rooms in your house. Additionally, the heat pump will struggle to keep up, and it will have to run at the highest capacity which shortens its life span.

An undersized heat pump will also not be able to keep your whole house warm in the winter, and you end up with a system that does not work properly.

What happens if the heat pump is oversized?

While having an oversized heat pump is not as bad as having a heat pump that is too small, there are also some disadvantages to it. On one hand, you will end up spending more money on a larger heat pump, that you will not need. On the other hand, it will consume more electricity, than a smaller and more adequate model.

This is why it is important to hire a qualified heat pump installer to help you determine the correct heat pump size for your home.

Calculating the size of your heat pump

If you need help determining what is the correct size for your heat pump, you don’t have to worry. Follow this simple table to determine what size your heat pump needs to be.

Is it better to oversize or undersize a heat pump?

Ideally, you want to choose a heat pump that has the correct size so you can have a system that is as efficient as possible. If you are unaware of what the size of your heat pump should be, you should always go for a bigger heat pump, because at least you will be able to control the temperature in your whole house.

Are smaller heat pumps more efficient?

The size of the heat pump is an important factor that influences its efficiency, but the size alone is just one of the factors that can impact the efficiency of a heat pump. According to experts, the smaller heat pumps actually tend to be more efficient and could help you recoup your money faster. 

Obviously, it also has the drawback of being perhaps too small for your whole house, and if this is the case you need to consider an alternative to heat some of the rooms.


If you are still deciding which heat pump size is the right one for your home, you should ask a qualified professional to help you make this decision. Remember that choosing the right size could directly impact the performance and efficiency of your heat pump, and therefore you should be careful when picking your heat pump.

Heat Pump Size FAQ

What heat pump size do you need for a one-bedroom house?

A one-bedroom house is generally 700 square meters, therefore you will need a heat pump size of 1 ton to 2 tons.

What heat pump size do you need for a two-bedroom house?

A two-bedroom house will have between 800 square meters and 1,200, which means you need a heat pump of 2 tons up to 2.5 tons, depending on the total area of your house.

What heat pump size do you need for a three-bedroom house?

The average three-bedroom house is usually around 1,300 square feet and 1,500, which means you need a heat pump of around 3 tons.

What heat pump size do you need for a four-bedroom house?

A four-bedroom house is usually more than 2,000 square feet, which means you should consider heat pumps with at least 4 tons. If your house is even larger than 2,000 square feet, you can even consider a heat pump with 5 tons.

What size heat pump do you need for 2000 square feet home?

The ideal heat pump size for a 2000 sq ft home is 4 tons, which is more than enough to provide heating and cooling to the whole area.

What size heat pump do you need for 100 square meters home?

A 100-square-meter house will require a heat pump with 2 tons or more. There are also other factors that should be considered such as the location of the heat pump, and how easily the air can spread throughout the home.

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